Summer Uniform

Hey Shorties!

What are you guys wearing this summer? As far as I am concerned, it comes down to three words : shorts, shirt, heels. These are my go-to pieces for the Spring/Summer months. Usually a pair of jean shorts paired with some basic top or shirt for a casual look. Switch the denim shorts for some dressy ones, when the occasion calls for it, and match them with something more elaborate as a top. Because I’m petite, I generally reach for a pair of comfortable heels –­­­I find wearing shorts and flat shoes to make me look even younger than my height already suggests. Besides, heels automatically elongate the silhouette no matter how high or low they are, and they give a more stylish look.

I like the idea of having a “uniform” for most days of the week. It is a great way to save time in the morning and it makes life easier by taking away the need to put together an outfit every single day. Shorts have always been one of my favorite pieces of clothing, which why they are the key item of everyday uniform for warm days. But of course, you can create a uniform around your favorite garnement based on your lifestyle and need of comfort and so on.

What is your uniform going to be this summer? Please share in the comment bar below and inspire others.

Bisous bisous